Places To Visit Once You Get To McDonough Georgia - Mcdonough GA Apartments For Rent That You Can Easily Afford
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Places To Visit Once You Get To McDonough Georgia

Places To Visit Once You Get To McDonough Georgia

Any tourist that decides to go into Georgia should consider going to McDonough for a couple different reasons. It’s actually very close to Atlanta, right past Stockbridge, as you are going down Interstate 75. Located in Henry County, it is part of the Atlanta area, with a population of just 22,000 people. Although this is a smaller area, it does offer many different activities that you will be able to do. It’s only going to take you a few days to do all of them. However, if you are doing a tour of Atlanta, and a couple other cities, this should definitely be one of your stops. The following attractions are available for residents, and also tourists that decide to visit this beautiful area.

Sites And Landmarks You Should Visit

The sites and landmarks that are available include Southern Belle Farm. If you have ever been to a farm before, it’s a wonderful place to start. It has everything that you could possibly want to see, plus you can get a tour of the facility just to see how things are working. It is more of a tourist attraction than anything else, and once you get there, you will be able to participate in activities, get food and drinks, and check out the pumpkin patch. Other places you should go include the Veterans Wall of Honor. These are for fallen soldiers that are from this area. There is also Heritage Park which is a nice place to sit and relax if you are going through your day.

Fun Things To Do While You Are There

There is a unique place called SkyZone McDonough which has some really unique activities. It is a place to get your cardio up, get some exercise and, and really enjoy your day. You can also go to the Regal Cinemas which will have the latest movies playing. There is also the Starlite Family Fun Center. All of these are available to the public, and if you are spending a few days in McDonough Georgia, these locations will keep you entertained.

The other options that you have available to you include going to Atlanta if you want to. It’s not that far away. You should be able to get there in just a few minutes, and do many of the activities that are there for tourists. Whether you decide to take a Segway tour, or if you simply want to walk around, you will have a great time in both Atlanta and McDonough Georgia while you are on your vacation.